Ranked matchmaking has been an integral part of CSGO ever since it was released back in 2012. The game had always had a soft corner for professional gamers, but this mode introduced a lot of casual CSGO players to the more ‘competitive’ aspect of the game.

Pretty soon, a large following had already developed and ranked matchmaking in CSGO, till date, is one of the most played part of the game. In ranked matchmaking, players are subject to the classic mode of the game, where they have to play for the objective, for 30 rounds.

Winning or losing this was particularly important as a loss could demote a player’s rank and a win could promote them. Over the years, a steadily rising number of cheaters have slowly ruined normal ranked matchmaking and pushed players into buying prime ranked accounts.

Here are the top three reasons why buy prime accounts in CSGO:

  • A prime ranked account is part of the prime matchmaking concept that was introduced by valve a few years ago. This was a neat feature by Valve and by far, it’s most successful one because it managed to consistently protect many players from cheaters in the game. Players either turned their accounts into prime accounts or bought them for themselves from gaming websites.

  • The reason why this decision by Valve to introduce CSGO Prime Accounts matchmaking turned out so well or effective, lies in the requirements for getting a prime account in the game. For starters, the account or profile of the CSGO player must of level 21 or above. For those starting afresh, this is a long way to go as it can take 2 or 3 months in reaching level 21 from level 1 in normal matchmaking.

  • Moreover, players need to verify their account using their steam – authenticated contact number. This number cannot be used by any other player in verifying a different account for prime, and is thus, unique in this aspect. In case of a ban or suspension, that same number will not be eligible to be used in a different prime account.


Therefore, for these reasons alone, prime matchmaking has become quite integral to ranked gameplay in CS GO Non Prime Accounts. Players can easily get prime accounts from online gaming websites for themselves, in case they are not able to verify their own accounts for prime.